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Making the leasing process easier for tenants, landlords, and brokers.

Pallas provides services that help match tenants to brokers and simplify the process for leasing smaller spaces.

For tenants:

  • Search among properties in the Salt Lake Valley and request to tour/lease your chosen space.
  • Connect with an agent to enter the leasing process and, if desired, receive attorney assistance before signing.
  • For some properties, you may be able to do most of the process online: guided lease walkthrough, simplified negotiations, and digital signing.

For agents & landlords:

  • Market your properties specifically to a Utah audience and pay less than LoopNet to do it.
  • Utilize ideal lease templates for creating, revising, and updating your lease agreements.
  • For your simpler properties, you can turn the leases into AirBnB-type listings: easy-to-understand lease summary for tenants, simplified online negotiations, and digital signing.