Outcomes of a Voided Lease

Spencer AndersonJan 13, 20211 min read

A lease is a legally binding contract with varying degrees of outcomes when it’s broken. First and foremost, no two leases are crafted the same, so know your rights, obligations, and even penalties tied to the agreement upfront. Many will detail the loss of security deposits, days of delinquency before eviction, and the like. However, there may be other less-visible fallout from breaking a lease.


Fees can accumulate on unpaid balances. These can be a flat fee by day or a percentage by how late it is. These can add up over time if put on top of overdue rent. Additional fees could include things like damages to property, bounced checks, parking violations, legal fees, or anything else a property owner may feel the need to include.

Judgements of Court

If you void a contracted lease by moving out, it does not mean that your obligations have stopped. If you still had time on the lease, accumulated fees, charges, or left it in bad condition with damages, you might end up in court. Obviously, avoiding judgments against your person or company is ideal, so communication with the landlord is critical. In those cases where no reasonable agreement is forthcoming, judgments of the court against you can occur. This is the worst-case scenario, and you should make payment arrangements immediately to avoid further hits to your credit.

Bad Credit

A broken lease, judgments of the court for unpaid rent and fees will impact your credit if not resolved in a timely fashion. This will limit your ability to rent an additional property and make purchases into the future. This can and should be avoided at all costs to have long-lasting negative impacts on many aspects of your life.

The first thing to do to avoid fees and unpaid rent, is to read the lease in detail. You will know if the payments are attainable for yourself, and ensures you know the dangers of not paying rent up front. Good communication with your landlord even when trouble arises, can quickly defuse any legal cases from rising up from a voided lease. Best of all the longer term effects of judgements, bad credit and limits to your ability to lease elsewhere are avoided.


Spencer Anderson