Redfin introduces 3D walk throughs

Dan WilloughbySep 7, 20201 min read

I recently saw a 3D walk through on Redfin. I was surprised that it supported Google cardboard (a cheap version of VR glasses that holds your phone, made out of cardboard..). I didn't have the cardboard so I didn't get the full experience, but I tried it out anyway. The app splits the screen to give each one of your eyes a different view. Since I didn't have VR glasses, I messed around going cross-eyed for awhile to see if I could trigger the 3D experience on my own. That didn't work out that well for me, I had to sit down because I started to feel dizzy. From what I observed, the tour had dots all over the screen on places you could navigate by holding a cursor over a dot for 3 seconds.

It was really easy to get setup. On the Redfin map, look for a purple camera. These are the ones that have 3D support. You'll be presented with 3 options to view the property, photos, 3D walk through, or street view. 3D walk through pops up another screen. I was able to tour the home, but for an added experience, you can click the little glasses in the bottom right corner. This is what opens the google cardboard VR experience. You'll see a popup with a permission screen.

Loading VR tour
Loading VR tour

I think VR has the most potential to be a valuable with being able to tour a property remotely. Matterport seems to be the leading the way with its integration with Redfin and many other top real estate sites. It'll be awesome too when they add a feature to tour with your friends or significant other. I imagine, in the future, you could go tour the house as if you where there in person and wouldn't be limited to dots.

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Dan Willoughby